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Embossers/Paper Crimpers


High quality and durability make Trodat Ideal® seal presses the world's leaders. They're a favorite with notaries, corporations, engineers, and government officials around the world, guaranteeing clean impressions with minimal effort.

Minimal effort

The improved leverage of the model 'M' and 'Pocket No. 1' ensure clean, crisp impressions with little effort.

Clean impressions
Trodat Ideal seal presses are optimized to achieve the crispest impressions. That's what makes them so popular with notaries, corporations, engineers, and government officials around the world.

Highest Durability
Trodat Ideal seal presses have an extremely high durability due to the use of high quality materials and precision workmanship.

Embossers are used for a variety of applications
  • Notary Public Seals
  • Corporate Seals
  • Professional Seals
    • Professional engineering certification seals
    • Land Surveyor Seals
    • Architect Seals
  • Monogram Seals
  • Address Seals
  • Create Your Own Unique Seal with Clipart
The two most common models of embossers are:
  • Pocket Size, or Hand-held Embosser - the most common
  • Desk Size Embosser
The most common sizes of embossers are:
  • 1-5/8" Round (1.625 diameter) - the most common
  • 2" Round (2.0 diameter)
  • 2" W x 1" H Rectangular
  • 3" W x 1" H Rectangular
Ideas of Embosser Impressions:

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