How to Re-Ink Your Xstamper

After re-inking, wait 12 hours before using your stamp to allow ink to penetrate the Xstamper system. If the copy is still too light, re-ink again.
  1. Refill with the same color ink as your original stamp
  2. There are several models of X-stampers. Follow the instructions for your particular stamp model
  3. Make sure ink is completely absorbed when applied to reservoir
  4. After re-inking, be sure your Xstamper is resting in an upright position to prevent leakage and to allow complete ink absorption
Additional Tips
• Xstampers should only be used on paper
• Drying times vary depending on type of paper used
• If ink spills on hands during re-inking, wipe with rubbing alcohol and wash with soap and water
• To prevent stains, keep away from clothing
• Keep Xstampers out of the reach of children