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Round: .56" Diameter
Customize up to 3 Lines
Xstamper ClassiX P15
Your Price $18.75
Turn your logo, custom artwork, initials and more into a personalized custom stamp with small Xstamper ClassiX P15 round stamp.
  • impression size: 9/16" Round
  • often used as an inspection stamp
  • ink color options: black, blue, red, green or violet (purple)

Need replacement stamp pads for the Xstamper ClassiX P15 Round?

In 2012, Xstamper changed the stamp mount on the P15 Round. Replacement pads have new item numbers. Before ordering an Xstamper P15 Round replacement ink pad, identify whether your stamp is the old or new mount by looking at the item number P15 on the front of your stamp:

Text color on the new mount has P15 displayed in black (see image above).

Replacement Ink Pad Item Numbers
for: Xstamper P15 Mount

Old Mount - P15 displayed in White

New Mount - P15 displayed in Black

XST 43512 (black) XST 41079 (black)
XST 43513 (blue) XST 41080 (blue)
XST 43514 (green) XST 41081 (green)
XST 43515 (purple) XST 41082 (purple)
XST 43511 (red) XST 41078 (red)
XST 43516 (dry, uninked) XST 41083 (dry, uninked)