Pre-inked & Self Inking Dater Stamps

EZ Custom Stamps offers a full line of Xstamper Daters.

Add your own custom text to create a message dater using a pre-inked or self-inking Xstamper dater style. Or, choose any of our stock daters without customization.

Xstamper dater styles are available as Dial-A-Phrase Daters, Endorsement Daters, Julian Line Daters, Line Daters, Message Stamps, Number Stamps, Postal Daters, Rotary Daters, VersaDaters, XpedDaters and more.

Xstamper Dater Stamps are respected for their high quality, effectiveness and durability. The most popular Xstamper daters are available here in our online store. Our wide range of dater stamps includes the Xpedater line of dater stamps, Versadater line of dater Stamps, Small type dater stamps, Large type dater stamps, date and time dater stamps and Rotary Xpedater Date Stamps, to name a few.

Additional details on Xstamper Dater Stamps:
  • N82 and the N90 are our most popular Custom Daters
  • N80, N82 and EN82 daters are 8 year date stamps
  • N90, and N92 daters are 8 year date stamps
  • Stock Versadaters are 8 year date stamps
  • Xpedaters are 6 year date stamps
  • Xstamper's new style line daters shown will not work with their old impression frames
    • If you have an old impression frame, you will need to order a new N82 or N80 date stamp complete with dater portion and impression frame
    • Xstamper no longer offers the old style line daters; they have been discontinued
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