Looking for the new Trodat Printy Original 4.0? This climate-controlled, clean stamp dater is perfect for your home office or place of business. Shop today!

New Trodat Printy Original 4.0 Sizes

The Original Printy 4.0's success story continues. In 2012 Trodat introduced three new sizes to the Printy 4.0 product family:

Printy 4910: size 5/16" x 1" (0.3125 x 1.0)
Printy 4914: size 2-1/2" x 1" (2.5 x 1.0)
Printy 4915: size 15/16" x 2-11/16" (0.9375 x 2.6875)

The stamp's high functionality and attractive design in many colors are inspiring customers all over the world.

The Original Printy 4.0 scores high with customers with an absolutely clean and intuitive cartridge replacement. And by being climate-neutral as standard, the Printy 4.0 stamps withstand the test of time.

Printy Product Overview:

  • Original Printy 4.0 is climate-neutral. As standard.
  • Clean, intuitive ink cartridge change: Two special grip zones allow a cartridge to be exchanged without touching the ink reservoir—for guaranteed clean fingers. 
  • Incredibly small and light: The Original Printy 4.0 is one of the world's smallest and lightest self-inking stamps. Soft-touch elements guarantee a pleasant, secure stamp grip.  
  • Precise imprint positioning: The Original Printy 4.0's crystal-clear positioning window also enables accurately placed imprints. The transparent bottom edges allow for precise alignment.
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