Looking for self-inking stamps that are environmentally-friendly? Shop Cosco's 2000 Plus eco-friendly self inking dater stamps at EZ Custom Stamps.

Cosco 2000 Plus Green Line Classic Line

Eco-Friendly Self-Inking Stamps with Dates

Cosco 2000 Plus turned green! The Green Line includes select eco-friendly self-inking custom stamps and daters that are the environmentally responsible choice. Six reasons to choose the Cosco 2000 Plus Green Line Self-Inking Stamps:
  1. Green Line Self-inking stamps use environmentally responsible water-based inks
  2. Reinkable and designed for extended life — less waste
  3. Compatible with existing Cosco 2000 Plus replacement pads and water-based inks
  4. 2000 Plus Printer Line is made of 80% recycled plastic
  5. 2000 Plus Classic Line is made of 60% recycled plastic
  6. Packaging material is 100% recycled, unbleached paper fiber
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